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Top 5 Telemedicine App Development Companies in 2022

The healthcare industry has seen enormous digital growth over the past few years.

Telemedicine or healthcare apps, in simple words, can be said that fix an appointment with the doctor over the internet.

With a button’s click, patients can get a consultation with the doctor about the problem and receive on-the-go solutions. It assists the telemedicine industry in a fast-growing market.

This blog post highlights the top 5 telemedicine app development companies.

1- SparxITsparxit solutions

SparxIT, has an impeccable history in mobile and web app development, fulfilling its users’ needs. The company was founded in 2007 to offer high-end seamless digital solutions to a vast number of users in diverse industries.

With an experience of more than 15 years in the digital field, SparxIT has provided tons of projects across the globe. With skilled and experienced in-house developers, they focus on the delivery of projects as per the need of their customers. They work harder on every project to deliver top-notch quality.

Currently, the essential features they have in their healthcare app are remotely scheduling an appointment with doctors, clinical document generation on the phone, Patient History Management and so on. 

Experienced in Healthcare app development and hunch of positive reviews from their customers and the trust of the technical giants in the industry like 4.8 stars Rating on Clutch, Cisco, hp, etc. makes them reliable.


2- ScienceSoft 


A US-based company founded to help businesses to grow consistently. Sciencesoft became one of the most reliable and trusted software development and IT service provider company in the USA with a vast experience of over 33 years in the field of software development. 

With a team of over 700+ highly skilled professionals, Science Soft became one of the legit companies in the market. Professionals of the company majorly focus on completing their projects within the deadlines. 

ScienceSoft has gained a strong reputation for offering customized telemedicine application development solutions to its clients.


3- Impekable


Based in California, USA, this company is a telemedicine app development company. They have leveraged their services from startups to some known international companies.

With a team of highly skilled employees, the company is helping businesses craft their users’ basic ideas into a finished product.

Established in 2012, Impekable has helped many businesses find and launch their products in the market.


4- Eleviant Tech

Eleviant Tech

Eleviant Tech, an experienced company in healthcare development, has served many clients in this process.

Additionally, they offer solutions to the problems through a team of over 250+ professionals with diverse industry experience. The company offers services in various industry fields such as Mobile, Cloud, IoT, etc.


5- Intersog


They were founded in 2005 to provide top-notch software development solutions to its clients in the USA. Intersog is helping its clients to stay productive with its impressive app development services.

Intersog is an experienced company in developing healthcare apps, and the company also offers various other services to its clients. With a strong team of over 250+ tech industry professionals, they are leveraging the power of the latest technologies.


Healthcare apps have become a preferred way among users, whether they are doctors or patients. The growth of this industry is exponential in the market.

Choosing the right, reliable healthcare app development company became essential for the growth and the outcome you have aimed for their users.

Nevertheless, if you are still not clear with your idea or confused about choosing the right company, you can still read this blog and clarify your confusion. 

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