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How to Start Your Own IPTV Business?

Do you know what is IPTV? When we talk about online streaming, we are experiencing a paradigm shift from traditional modes of broadcasting like cable or satellite TV towards internet-based streaming.

IPTV as a system has a very important role to play in this transitional phase. There are 123 million people who are using IPTV and this number is increasing at a rate of 12% per year. 

What is IPTV?

What is IPTV?

IPTV refers to Internet Protocol Television. To deliver TV programs & Videos the internet is used here. They could be either life or on demand.

In the IPTV system, digital television service is delivered to the subscriber through Internet protocol technology. It is done via the medium of broadband or internet connection.

IPTV subscription adds advantage and convenience to the subscribers of being able to choose the program they want to watch and at what time or what place they want to watch

Types of IPTV Services

These are the types of IPTV services that are very popular: Let’s have a look

1. Video on Demand (VOD)

The term ‘Video on Demand’ itself is self-explanatory. The major streaming services we are familiar with are exactly what VOD is. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and the newest streaming platform which has joined the competition, Disney.

These are all examples of Video on Demand. These services follow a subscriber-based model.  These are the most widely recognized forms of IPTV services.

2. Live Television

Watching TV programs and sports in real-time is named Live Television. Reality TV shows, award programs, like The Academy Awards or The Golden Globes, and sports games & other telecasts that are provided in real-time.

Here, the content is not broadcasted through coaxial cable, it is broadcasted through the internet, broadcasted over the internet, not over the coaxial cable. Hulu Live TV,  Sling TV, and Fox Sports Go have made all this possible. 

3. Time-shifted TV

Imagine, you had missed out on a live telecast of a WWE Wrestlemania Match. What would you hope to do in this case?

You will View the broadcast. Time-shifted TV made it possible for the user to record data, store it, and then watch it later on. Yet only for a short duration.

4. TV on Demand

This service lets you purchase each movie or TV show individually. While this offer is not so enticing, it has some of its bright sides also. This service is divided into two parts – Electronic sell-through (EST) and Download to rent (DTR).

Google Play Store and Apple iTunes are some of the popular services that follow this IPTV format.

5. Near Video on Demand

Near Video on Demand (NVOD) follows the model of PPV services. Each TV show or movie you access on this service is scheduled on its allocated time. Then a program is picked by the user and this program is added to a certain broadcast interval. 

How do you Monetize your IPTV Channel? Popular Ways to Monetize an IPTV Channel?

If your streamed content gains popularity online, then you must go for generating revenue through it. 

You can do this by creating your own IPTV channel and monetizing it. Investing in IPTV infrastructure can help you earn tens of billions of dollars globally.

Telecom operators are seeking to jump into all revenue generation services which are available to them through IPTV service. 

Last Year in the United States, revenue generated through the whole commercial T.V ad market is very enticing. If we go through the bigger picture, TV ad revenue is growing very aggressively and rapidly all around the world. 

Once IPTV was just limited to companies who are having unlimited no. of bank accounts and resources. But, Today IPTV is providing an opportunity for everyone to create their IPTV channel and start an IPTV business to generate revenue by streaming content online as per your dreams. 

With the help of providers or operators, you can create your IPTV network easily. Most importantly, as per the popularity of your content, you can also generate a huge income. 

By using these methods, you can monetize your streamed content whenever someone watches it.


Advertisement is the best way that comes to anyone’s mind when someone talks about earning money online. There are many options through which you can insert advertisements in between your streaming content.

  • Pre-roll ads- Add short commercial ad videos in between streamed content. 
  • Video Ads– Insert video ads before your video content or maybe in-between your content like standard television using IPTV. 


If you are regularly updating new content on your IPTV channel and you have a large fan base, then you can set up a monthly subscription plan for streaming video, like streaming apps Netflix or Amazon. 


The world’s largest online advertising network platform is google. For reaching more and more audiences and for generating leads or revenue through advertisements to your video content or websites by just following very few steps and techniques.


If you are not able to generate any amount of income from your recorded event. Video On Demand allows you to provide the content to them on a fixed amount of charge decided by you so that they can watch it anytime. With this, you can generate income from an event that took place a long ago.


The business profitability depends on the maximized churn rate reduction and an extended portfolio with value-added services. If you want to start your very own IPTV business, it is important to glance through all the important factors which are mentioned above. In order to

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