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5 Qualities that Make Transformational Leaders Great Mentors

Organizational leaders are very much responsible for bringing out the best in their employees.

If you are handling a team of dedicated employees, then you can very well relate to the fact that employees are the driving force that leads the whole organization to its objectives.

As a leader, you need to provide a definite path to channel all the efforts of your employees so that all of them are moving in the right direction.

Employees have to undergo extensive training so that they are well prepared for the future uncertainties that are there to arise in the corporate world.

For that, you would need to put forward an action plan which will broadly highlight the training needs of the employees. Apart from that, you would also need correct metrics to measure the effectiveness of the whole training program.

This way, you have ensured that your team members would have the right skill set to cope with this dynamic corporate world.

However, innovative thinking and finding creative solutions to a given problem have found a permanent spot in many of the job profiles, and these skills are not learned overnight.

Having said that, these skills are natural and can greatly influence how employees perform their tasks.

Moreover, employees might need to think out of the box to find a solution to a problem that never existed before and this would take some effort.

But how would you encourage your employees to step out of their comfort zone and get the task done? 

For that, you would need to adopt the approach of transformational leadership which would assist you in creating an innovative environment.

If your employees consider performing their tasks in a different manner, this can help them to become much more capable and efficient. This would broadly highlight your qualities as a transformational leader.

5 Essential Traits for Transformational Leaders

Highly innovative

Transformational leaders are always willing to try something new whether it’s the way they handle a team or they provide them with the right guidance to move further.

As an Innovative leader, you would need to make room for new ideas and methods that will provide you with a better perspective. 

Apart from that, you would also need to encourage your subordinates to develop innovative ideas and methods to either solve a problem or perform a certain task for better results.

For that, your team members would have to walk an extra mile to fulfill the purpose of the assigned task. This will eventually lead to better productivity in the workplace as your employees are putting in their best efforts to complete the assigned task.

Once your team members get used to innovating new methods and finding creative ways to solve a problem, this will positively impact their motivation to work.

Therefore, as a leader, you should always welcome new and creative ideas from your employees and consider them as an opportunity to move further.

There are various types of reflection models that can be used by leaders to increase self awareness and self- reflection. 

Ability to take an initiative

The initiative has the power to initiate a process that needs to be done in a timely manner. As a leader, you must possess the ability to take the right initiative as per the situation.

Great leaders do not wait for anyone else to remind them to plan a strategy to start moving forwards. Rather, they think about setting up an initiative on their own.

For that, you would need to think well in advance about what sort of action plan you should formulate to reach your target. 

Having said that, a proactive approach is to be adopted rather than reactive so that you are able to get the best from the available opportunities. Moreover, taking an initiative also involves a high level of decision-making which will help you to act in a certain way. 

Therefore, initiative plays a vital role in providing a path to a leader that will lead to success. 

Ability to adapt

In this fast-paced world where changes are bound to happen, these can impact the overall functioning of the whole organization.

As a result, it will affect the overall performance and productivity of the employees. Eventually, this can lead to discrepancies from the SMART goals set by the organization. 

As a leader, you should be able to forecast the shift in trends well in advance so that you can design a new plan of action before it’s too late.

This quality highlights the traits of transformational leadership and how well they are able to adapt to the changing business trends and practices. 

The new action plan should align with the organizational goals and the team dynamics. Once the new plan of action has been put forward, there would be minimal chances of deviations from the set objectives.

Therefore, it can be said that adapting to the changing business environment can greatly impact your performance as a leader. 

High level of commitment

While handling a team of employees, it can be quite challenging for you to manage your team members. Moreover, you would need to ensure that your team members are performing as per the standards set by the company.

If your team members are performing well, then it can become quite beneficial for the organization in the long run.

For managing your team and your work, you should be highly committed to what needs to be done and how to get them done within the allotted time frame. Committing to your work also develops trust among your team members.

Having said that, they would always look up to you in difficult situations. Moreover, commitment to proceed further would also help in your personal growth and development along with your team members. 

Thus, as a leader, you should be dedicated to your set goals which will eventually lead you and your team to success. All you need to do is start embracing the transformation practice for driving positive changes. 

The aura to inspire

One of the best qualities of a leader is to create an environment where all the team members feel a sense of belonging.

Additionally, motivating and encouraging the employees plays a vital role which automatically leads to better performance and productivity at the workplace.

These qualities often inspire your team members and they would want to perform with their best efforts. Recognizing the efforts put in by your subordinates would have a positive impact on how they perform their tasks.

This would tend to keep them engaged and motivated while performing their assigned tasks. Needless to say, cultivating high employee engagement is the need of the hour for every organization. 

So it can be very well said that if a leader is always trying to create a positive work culture would definitely end up enhancing the overall performance of the team. If the employees are giving their best, it will lead the whole organization to their set objectives.

To encapsulate, transformational leadership is one of the crucial factors which can provide a better framework for organizational activities.

Moreover, it can also help your employees to perform and adapt to the changing business environment. So, it becomes quite necessary for you to adopt this approach and transform the work dynamics for a better cause.

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