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Secure Method to Compress Outlook PST without Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook saves its data files in two different formats, one of which is ANSI and the other is Unicode.

It can save data up to 2 GB and is compatible with MS Outlook 1992–2003. The Unicode file format, therefore, is interoperable with both Microsoft Outlook 2003 and its most recent version. It also offers storage of 20–50 GB in addition to that.


Unicode has a lot of storage, thus it rarely hits its maximum size, although ANSI frequently does.

Managing large PST files is a difficult process, as we well know. Users want to use it in their work due to its high level of peculiarity.

We will therefore explore how users can reduce PST file size without Outlook in this blog.

What problems do users have while working with large Outlook data files (.pst)?

Users may experience the issues listed below when the PST file surpasses its limit: –

  1. The data file is usually damaged when the PST file size increases.
  2. The PST file may become corrupt due to the data file’s large size. Moreover, a faulty data file takes users to far-off places. The error notice that appears, in this case, shows that the storage limit for Outlook has been reached.

So, how can a PST file be compacted without MS Outlook?

As we all know, working with large data files is difficult. That is why we will cover two different ways for users to compress PST files without Outlook in the next section. Here, follow the methods listed below: –

Method 1. How to Manually Reduce the Size of a PST File

  • On your operating system, open Microsoft Outlook and use it.
  • Select the item you wish to delete, then click the “Delete” button.
  • Click on the Account Settings tab after choosing the information tab.
  • Then click on the Settings option after selecting the Data files option.
  • Your screen will now show a personal folder. Select “Compress now” from the menu.
  • Tap the OK button after exiting the current window.
  • Your PST files’ compression process will now start.

Constraints: To finish this process, you should have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. In addition to the high risk of failure, this method cannot split a PST file on its own.

Moreover, there is no free way to compress the data file without utilizing Microsoft Outlook. Because of this, we highly suggest using an automated program to compress PST files without Outlook.

Method 2: Using a Smart Solution to Compress PST File without Using Outlook

The size of the data file cannot be properly reduced to use the aforementioned Manual technique. The approach has other restrictions in contrast to this. In order to reduce your data file without using Microsoft Outlook, we advise using the Compress PST Tool.

Using this tool, you can remove, extract, and save attachments to compress big data files. Additionally, it was compatible with all Windows OS and MS Outlook versions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using this Software:-

In order to compress a PST file without Outlook, follow these instructions: –

  1. Set up the Compress Outlook PST Program on your computer.
  2. Next, choose Add File and Folder.
  3. Select either Remove Attachments, or Extract Save & Compress Attachments to compress your data file.
  4. Select the Output Location.
  5. To complete the process of compressing files, click the Start Converting button.

Why should I choose this utility over other applications from 3rd parties?

  1. Users can compress huge data files with the help of this utility without destroying their attachments. This tool extracts every attachment it finds in a PST file and stores it in a different folder.
  2. No matter which version of Windows OS the user is using for this method, it works with all of them. This tool will function on all. So, it works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.
  3. This program generates a log report that includes all PST compression information.
  4. Users have three options for compressing their data files depending on their needs.
  5. It works with every edition of Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007, and the versions below.


Using PST files without Outlook is explained in this blog. In addition, we’ve listed two methods that customers can utilize to quickly get the answer to the query. However, users can select any approach that is based on their needs.

But as is well known, Manual Methods have certain drawbacks. Because of this, we advise using the professional solution that was stated in this article’s introductory section.

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