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Top Mobile and Web Applications Developed on Java

We are all aware of the fact that there is a lot of technology involved in the development of mobile and web applications.

One has to be sure of which technology stacks to use and which one to avoid in different case scenarios. One thing that remains constant in almost all the applications is the programming language Java.

It is one of the widely used programming languages used in the creation of mobile and web applications. Developers consider it to be the king of all languages as it assures good returns and better results.

It helps in developing a flawless application that can keep up with the technology and stand out from the crowd in this era, which is full of applications. 

The computing platforms have mostly been using the language and Java has always ranked amongst the first three ranks of programming languages among the software and app developers.

Big organizations have learned the mantra of success for their apps, on both the mobile and web platforms and they have realized that nothing can beat Java. 

It has been the top favorite of several app developers for a long time now and the enhancements in the language have only taken it a notch higher in terms of usage and delivery results.

In the present day scenario, there are over 3 billion mobile devices that have been implemented in Java. 

Before we proceed any further, we would like to bring to your notice the areas where Java has been used significantly. 

  • Embedded systems
  • Company applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Desktop GUI applications
  • Software tools
  • Distributed applications
  • Gaming applications
  • Scientific applications
  • Web servers
  • Application servers
  • Cloud-based applications

Now, we will understand the basics of Java’s usage in web-based applications and mobile applications separately.

Here’s a look at the programming language’s usage in mobile applications:

The language is not limited to a single platform. It allows the developers to create apps that can function well across platforms, be it iOS, Android and others.

All mobile applications are either created either for handheld mobile devices or tablets and iPads. Currently, there is a high usage of Android phones and most people like to buy these due to their low prices. 


programming language in mobile app

With the help of this framework, the developers can create an app that runs across all platforms and all its features are compatible with different devices.

It should also be brought to light that almost all Android apps are made using Java as the language compiles the Java classes into byte code which is run on Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVK).

Android is compatible with DVK because it is a specialized virtual machine for Android. Some examples of the same are Tinder, Netflix, Google Earth, Uber, etc.


Now, take a look at how the language helps in building web-based applications:


– Java has special components that completely support web-based applications. These components include the likes of Hibernate, struts, JSP (Java Server Pages), servlets, Sprint, and JSF (Java Server Faces).

It is also supported by certain web servers like Resin, Apache Tomcat, adobe JRun, Apache HTTP web-server, etc.

– The eCommerce web applications have taken the app work by storm. Now, only a handful of people might be aware of the fact that it is the Java programming language that is the backbone of these applications as all open source eCommerce platforms are made using the programming language.

– These technologies have helped the developers make any sort of application. They don’t have to learn too many languages to diversify in the mobile and web applications. One language serves all purposes.

– All web applications develop business logics, which is created with the help of certain components of Java such as JSPs and Servlets.

If you consider these two components and have to zero in upon one, JSP would be a better option as it has more features as compared to Servlets.

– One of the most important reasons behind choosing this programming language is the high-end security it provides to the information stored on the platform.

It also helps the developers do coding easily. We know a lot of sectors that have developed their apps using Java. These sectors are hospitality, health, social security, insurance and education.

Advantages of using Java in mobile and web app development

One can always fall short of words when it comes to describing the benefits of using Java in developing web-based applications and mobile applications.

The idea of creating an application is to ease our work and validate your idea in the form of an application for a suitable platform.

Since there are languages that have their limitation on certain platforms, Java lets you enjoy the participation of users from across the globe using different platforms.

We have sorted out a list of benefits that the developers can derive by using it while creating new apps for their clients.

Also, the app owners should also be aware of these benefits as the language will help them sustain in the industry for a long if they use the language to its full potential.

Take a look:

Compatible with all platforms: It is rightly said that once an app or a feature is developed on Java, it can be used everywhere. This is not possible in the case of almost all other languages.

Java gives you the independence of running your app on any of the platforms and gains more popularity among the users. App owners would not like to limit their chances of expansion when the time is right.

So, if they are not willing to invest in another application altogether for another platform, they should indulge in getting the usage of Java language in the development of their app from the beginning itself. This is the biggest reason why this language is in demand in all parts of the world.

Uses the Concept of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming): The most important aspect of using OOPS in a programming language is that it helps make an app more flexible and increases its scalability of the apps.

With a vast variety of designs available for the developers to pick for their apps, OOPS is open-source which makes it one of the best-required stacks for building mobile applications.

Popularity: Java is mostly used for developing Android apps and these devices are the most common handsets around the world.

Maximum people are using Android and the best practice would be to develop applications that are user-friendly and offer a rich experience. Only an app created on Java can do all this.

Mobile and web applications also help bridge the gap between the seller and the buyers; this is only done with the help of an integrated in-app call system. This feature can be easily integrated into the app with the help of the Java language.

Support of the Java community: Java is not only a programming language, but it has successfully created an entire community that is ready to help you at any point of time.

Java developers community

Which means there is limitless support for you if required at any point in time? With the aspects of problem-solving, Java supports the entire community of its users through various mediums.

For those who use the language for developing apps, this is the best network for them to connect with others who are using the same framework. Support can be provided to them on all issues pertaining to the development of apps.

5-     Return on Investment: Using the Java programming language will considerably cost you less than any other language and there are high chances of a reasonably good return on investment.

It is a language that supports all the requirements of the app developers and allows them to use all features at a very nominal cost.

Best mobile and web apps developed using Java

The robust language has carved the way for some of the best mobile and web applications around the world. It is an object-oriented programming language that is winning the race amongst all the languages around the world, delivering the best products.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading applications across the globe that has been developed using this language:


The music streaming app has grown leaps and bounds and has started making an entry into the developing and underdeveloped countries as well.

It is most common among music lovers and has witnessed a spike in the number of installs in the past couple of years.

Being known globally, the app allows the users to stream songs from the library that has almost all songs in store for the listeners, irrespective of the origin country, language, etc.

It gives the users access to music for free, although they have to see the pop-up advertisements until they subscribe to the app. 

Users can easily sign up to the app with the simple signing up procedure and then start browsing through the library.

To use a premium version of the app, which are also free of advertisements, one has to pay a certain amount and buy a membership. One can easily get access to the music from across the world sitting in one place.

Opera Mini

The web browsing app is one of the most common and most used browsers in the world. This one is also made using the Java programming language.

Users who have been using this app have been loyal to it because of the speed it offers to them along with the no adverts section, avoiding unnecessary pop-ups and graphics on the screen.

The browser is light and safe to use and beats the others when it comes to speed as no other web browsing app is as fast as this one.

Some other feature that makes it stand apart from the crowd is the features such as data saving, in-app file sharing, ad blocking, etc.


One of the widely used social networking apps, Twitter has become a medium for fast-paced news and sharing knowledge.

It provides first-hand information and almost all leading media houses; companies and dignitaries have their separate Twitter handles.

These handles are used to issue statements and reveal information. The app has extensively been using Java as its programming language.

Some of the best features to look out for in the app are smarter downloads, private browsing, data saving, personalized news, etc. One has to install the app and create a personal account before using the app.

No registration charges are applicable. Once registered, the users can start posting tweets or following the famous accounts or personalities they want to. The microblogging app also allows users to retweet the tweets of other users.

ThinkFree Office

This is a desktop-based application that allows the users to manage all their documents or their organization’s documents online.

Having been made using the Java programming language, the app gives the users the feel and look like that of Microsoft Office.

The app is quite beneficial for those who want to work on a format but transfer the file in a PDF format after the competition. The app gives you the access to do that as the feature is integrated into the app itself.

Nimbuzz Messenger

It is one of the most popular instant messaging apps created with Java. It can be used on multiple chat domains in a single-window format.

The chat domains supported by Nimbuzz include the likes of Yahoo, GoogleTalk, MySpace, MSN, and Facebook among others. It is a widely used mobile and web app that eases chatting between two or more people.

It is a free chat platform enabling users with different devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc. to use it hassle-free. It also allows them to create chat buddies just by registering their numbers with the app.


Another Java app that is used to make online payments, the app is also known as Square Cash. The app is properly encrypted safeguarding the information of the users and providing them utmost security all the time.

With the help of this app, users can easily send payments across to people in any part of the world with the help of some clicks and taps on the screen.

The app also deals with the bank accounts of the users who have registered themselves with the app. It is the flexibility in the Java language that allows the app to do so.

Users are free to use the app and initiate money transfers. The amount sent will be directly credited to the account of the receiver if he has linked his bank account to the CashApp account.

NASA WorldWind

Did you know that the virtual globe was also made for Android devices using the Java programming language?

The fast-paced back end helps improve the performance of the app, giving the most stunning experience to the users. Users can view any part of the world on the 3D globe, and also zoom in to view a particular location.

The app allows weather enthusiasts to get an idea of the weather around the world and track the vehicles in different parts of the world. The visuals are attractive as the users get to see the 3D view of the globe with the entire map information. 


This one is a replica of other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and IMO. Since it is created for cross platforms, the app is made using Java services.

The app developers gave utmost priority to the security of the user information while developing the app and they have done justice to it as the app is encrypted.

Having the advantage of working on both iOS and Android, the users are also able to lock these apps with the help of a face lock, biometrics, or phone’s pin. The app is secure to use and user-friendly.


It is one of the most used financial services, and trading applications created with the help of the Java programming language.

It keeps a tab on the growth of the market and does cross-asset tracking. Being a risk management platform, this app has helped several people in managing their finances.

Technical skills required for becoming a Java developer

If you are planning to develop a new app for your organization with Java programming language, you should be aware of the app development companies that serve you best in the field.

It is best to reach out to those that have the best experience in the stream and offer services that cannot be questioned at any stage.

java developers tech skills

Unless and until the app developer working on developing an app for your organization has the skill set that is required for it, the outcome will never be satisfactory.

In the times of technical development and big leaps in technology, one has to be very sure before hiring a tech company.

Here are the technical skills you need to look out for when selecting Java developers for creating an app for your company:

– Communication skills should be excellent so that they can interact with the clients properly and understand their needs better.

– They should have expertise in over 15 domains.

– The developers should be experts at using Java components, API modules, and third-party libraries.

– Should have good knowledge of customizing web applications and windows.

– Technology should be one thing they should be hands-on at. These include analyzing the quality, programming, and testing.

– The rates of the app developers should be the best in the entire industry so that you can hire them at the budget set by your organization.

– Well-versed with the designs and features of the Java applications.


A Java developer needs to excel in his field and have a good understanding of how to go about developing and working on a project.

For companies and people who are looking for app development companies offering all these services at the most nominal prices, they should get hassle-free assistance and the best services delivered on time.

Since we are advancing each day, it is best to advance in the right direction and make the most out of everything.

Phillip Moxley
Phillip Moxley
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