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5 Steps For Building a Successful Snapchat Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when Snapchat was just a fun platform for teenagers to click their most awkward or most beautiful pictures using the creative lenses and filters of Snapchat.

This is the reason, businesses also never focused on using Snapchat as a marketing tool. However, we all know that the only thing constant in the world is change and the dynamics of Snapchat have also changed.

Besides, as per statistics by Statista, Snapchat has over 332 million daily active users. Now that’s huge right? This continuous rising number of daily active users caught the attention of marketers and then the concept of Snapchat marketing came to light.

In fact, Snapchat is the favorite platform of the younger generation. As a matter of fact, as per the statistics, 119.3 million users aged 13 to 17 are regular users of Snapchat whereas 226.1 million users aged 18 to 24 are another age group that falls under the category of regular users of Snapchat.

To continue, this is the platform where they basically flaunt all the locations they visit, the food they eat, and the brands they wear by sending regular snaps also called Streaks.

So, if the target audience of your business is these tech-savvy age groups, then there might be no better platform than Snapchat to market your product effectively.

Although Snapchat is comparatively new to the digital marketing world, that does not mean that you and your business can not enjoy its exceptional advantages.

The biggest advantage of Snapchat is that this platform is all about visuals and visuals always have a better retention rate than plain text.

So, using this platform will give your business a wide opportunity to retain your brand in the minds of your target audience.

However, in order to successfully use Snapchat as a marketing tool, the need is to follow a stepwise strategy to get the most efficient results.

Hence, that being the case, this blog will effectively highlight the top 5 steps in which you can successfully build a thriving Snapchat marketing strategy.

So, let us dive right into the blog and reveal the secret of building a successful marketing strategy for Snapchat.

5 Measures to Build a Prosperous Snapchat Marketing Strategy

1- Research the platform

It is no hidden fact that Snapchat has always been one of the trickiest platforms for every marketer out there. Every marketer almost scratched their head once before thinking about marketing their brand on Snapchat.

Hence, the very first and foremost step to building a foolproof Snapchat marketing strategy is to understand the platform.

So, before building up the strategy you need to work on how exactly the Snapchat platform operates and how you can leverage it for your business benefit.

For example, as everybody was getting fascinated by the short video trend, following this trend Snapchat also launched its short video feature and named it Spotlight like Reels on Instagram.

Moreover, the fun part is if you get successful in engaging the audience and your content performs well on the app, Snapchat will pay you. That’s worth your attention, right? In fact, as per statistics by Search Engine Research Journal, over $1 Million is paid daily to top-performing Spotlight snaps.

Moreover, another crucial feature that every marketer should know is the feature of making your account open. Instead of switching your view story option to everyone, you can simply switch your account to professional.

This way, people won’t have to add you as a friend but they would actually subscribe to your brand page.

Besides, making an open account will give you a vast opportunity to get yourself on the Discover Page of Snapchat. This way, you will get a broader pool of audiences to interact with and enhance your target base.

In reality, as per statistics, Snapchat users are spending almost 35% more time on the Discover page and almost 60% of the audience are more likely to make impulsive purchases.

So, if you would not have sufficient knowledge of how you can leverage the benefits of Snapchat as a marketing tool. Once you will effectively comprehend the platform, you will be able to optimize every feature of Snapchat to its fullest potential.

Hence, you must understand the platform and research all the features before starting marketing on the Snapchat platform.

2- Connect with every type of audience

One of the major drawbacks of Snapchat as a marketing medium is that, unlike other platforms, you can not see the profile pictures or profiles of your target audience.

Hence, it is no hidden fact that if you are not able to see your target audience, you won’t be able to analyze whether they are your target audience or not.

Thus, you should connect openly with every type of audience you can connect with on the platform. This way by either hook or crook, you will be able to effectively reach your target audience which enhances your chances of converting leads that landed on your page.

To continue, irrespective of whether the landed viewer is your target audience or not, your aim should always be to effectively engage your audience through your content.

The reason is if Snapchat detects that the engagement on your page is higher than others then it will automatically start ranking up your account on the Discover page.

Getting featured on an explore page will give you wide popularity and a big chance to reach more and more target audiences and enhance the online visibility of your business.

However, to effectively connect with your local audience, you can create Geo-filters, which is another tremendous opportunity given by Snapchat. Using the Geo filters, you can create engaging lenses to invite your local audience to connect with your content. This way, you can enhance the visibility and engagement of your brand.

Therefore, you should always focus on connecting more and more audiences with your Snapchat account. This will ensure the major SMART goal of your business to enhance the online and increase the profits of the company is successfully attained.

3. Leverage all types of content

As every business has a different type of target audience, you should focus on running a hit and trial method with every form of content.

To elaborate, if you want to connect with your niche-oriented audience, you need to try every type of content to see what type of content your audience is most interested in.

So, another step to building a successful Snapchat marketing is to leverage all types of content. On Snapchat, you can try,

A- Photos – As Snapchat is all about visuals and pictures, it is essential to leverage the power of creating impressive photos. You can create various memes or provide informative content to your viewers to effectively deliver your message.

However, you need to make sure that as Snapchat is operated on the phone, so, all your pictures preferably should be in the vertical format. This way, your message will reach your target precisely in the format it should.

Besides, this will also ensure that you are exactly matching the quality of Snapchat dimensions.

B- Short videos – As said above, Snapchat recently launched its feature Spotlight of delivering high engagement on the short videos of its users. So, you can also create short videos of various lengths and deliver a simple and concise message to your target audience.

C- Long videos – If you wish to present detailed information or explanations of your business, then you can also go for creating long videos using different video editing apps.

However, you should also remember that these long videos will only be available for 24 hours and then they will disappear as your usual 24-hours story.

D- User-generated content – In the terms of digital marketing, people often look for social proof before trusting a brand. This is where user-generated content will effectively assist you with the same.

You can present various reviews in the form of videos or photos reflecting people’s experiences with your brand. This way, you will effectively be able to gain the trust of your target audience and will be able to convert the maximum leads.

4. Collaborate effectively

Once you have actually established some online presence of your brand on Snapchat after using all forms of content, the next step would be collaborations. You might have seen some of the big fashion influencers trying various outfits and giving reviews on them.

This is how big brands like Shein and Kylie Cosmetics collaborate with big fashion influencers and reach out to their target audience.

However, collaborations should always offer mutual benefit and should equally complement each other as was in the above case of fashion influencers. Fashion influencers have a great way to create engaging content for their audience.

Similarly, they were successfully able to deliver the message that big brands trust those influencers.

On the other hand, big brands got an opportunity to directly pitch their products to the target audience because most of the subscribed audience of the fashion influencer would be interested in fashion one way or another.

Besides, the primary users of Snapchat are Gen Z and Millennials. Also, both generations are literally fascinated by the idea of online shopping and using their favorite influencer-recommended products. This is the reason, collaborations will definitely assist you in escalating the growth of your business.

However, influencers are not the only way to go, if you are just at the beginning phase of your business success journey, you can also collaborate with other businesses. Research about other businesses that are looking for collaboration and that complement your business and promote each other’s products or services.

This way, you will effectively be able to tap into each other’s target market and generate some good leads.

5. Track your progress

Last but not the least step is to effectively build an after the plan of all your strategy. In this process, you will effectively measure the progress of your whole implemented strategy.

For example, you have to make a record of what your engagement was before implementing a particular format and how the scenario changed after the implementation of the strategy.

This will assist you in tracking the efficiency of your every strategy and whether you will be able to accomplish your set goals or not.

Moreover, using various key performance indicators of your marketing strategy will assist you in highlighting the factors where you failed to engage your audience.

For example, you decided to go for a hit and trial run on short videos and long videos to see what works most efficiently for you.

So, after posting consistently in both the formats you tracked that the engagement was low on long videos and comparatively high on short videos. So using this tracking method, you got to know that leveraging short videos would be better.

Similarly, in all your building strategies you can eliminate the strategies that didn’t bode well for you and boost the implementation of the strategies that work best for escalating the expansion of your business.

So you will create more short videos, right? Some of the major KPIs to look for in Snapchat marketing are

  1. 2 Second Video Views
  2. Profile Clicks
  3. Swipe Up Rate
  4. Total Impressions

To encapsulate, Snapchat Marketing is still making its space in the contemporary digital marketing world. However, it will surely shine in the coming future.

Hence, the need is to effectively adapt this early medium of marketing and get out of it to enhance the growth and revenue of your business.

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