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Top 10 Free Online Dating Apps for Android and iOS

Are you looking for top free online dating apps to find out the right matching partner for your love life? You might have been fed up with using Tinder all the time for discovering a partner. But there are many online dating apps apart from Tinder that you can choose. 

Here, in this article, I have listed the top 10 free online dating apps for Android and iOS. These apps are completely free to download.  They are easy to use and give great features. 

And if you are a startup going to work with a mobile app development company for creating an app like Tinder, this list would give you an idea of what key features to include in your app. 

So, let’s get started. 

1. Skout

Skout is one of the top free online dating apps for Android and ioS. It provides some unique features which are only found in premium apps.

It allows you to find people nearby your location. You can see their profile, browse people, and earn points to unlock premium features. 

Skout works with Android Wear devices which allows its users to connect with people who own Android Wear watches such as Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch.

This wearable device integration feature is usually not found in many free online dating apps.

Key features

  • Chat 
  • Fun and social interface
  • A separate community for teens and adults
  • Location is shared unless you permit


2. Grouper Social Club

It is a quite interesting and fun online dating app. It allows a group to meet with another group of people. Grouper Social Club allows a group of individuals to meet at the selected bar place with pre-booked drinks. 

With this app, you meet people in groups at the selected bar. And therefore, Grouper Social app stands out from other online dating apps.

The app is free, however free. But it takes a small fee to buy the drinks at the bar that Grouper Social Club has picked up for you to meet up. 

Key features of Grouper Social Club

  • The idea for group-wise social gathering
  • Choose a hot new bar
  • Good user interface


3. Bumble

Bumble has been listed among the top iOS apps in 2021. This app enables individuals to make new friends while empowering women with the final decision.

In the Bumble app, women users make the first move after both individuals have mutually connected. They only got 24 hours duration for making a sort of contract.

Otherwise, the connection disappears. Bumble apps are not solely meant for a romantic relationship. 

It allows individuals to find out dates for casual friends to meet up or make business contracts as well. This app is available to download free on Android and iOS. However, by upgrading to a premium purchase, you get better features for the meeting or dating people

Key features

  • Find people for business contracts 
  • Find dating partner
  • Best for women users


4. OkCupid

OkCupid is a nice free online dating app since it offers many features for date lovers. It frequently brings new updates and features to provide an amazing dating experience. In the OkCupid app, individuals can find their match with various search elements like Beart Lovers, Travelers, etc. 

The app provides many attractive features such as personality quizzes, Instagram integration, messaging tools, and so on. And if you decide to use the paid subscription, you get more refined search tools for finding the right match. 

Key features of OkCupid

  • Attractive search tools
  • Messaging option
  • Personality quizzes


5. is a freemium online dating app for Android and iOS platforms. It lets users create online profiles and upload pictures and then let them engage in some online flirting. is among the famous online dating apps. It provides cool features like Tinder. For example, the app can be used on Android Wear or Apple Watch integration. Users can interact via video chat or in-app chat facility. 

Key features of

  • Safety alert feature
  • Create detailed profile 
  • Voice and video chat


6. eHarmony

eHarmony is an online dating game mobile app. It provides the best potential dating matching profiles to the users. eHarmony app assists individuals to match you with other users that have a great possibility for match-ups.

Every day, the eHarmony app offers a selection of matches as per your location. You can connect with the selected person if he or she is interested in the mutual. 

Key features

  • Online dating games
  • Good profile matchups
  • Connect as per location


7. Kippo

Kippo is also one of the free online dating apps that emphasize online gaming. It lets online gamers connect who look for a little companionship. The app allows users to customize their own profiles with unique and eye-catching elements. 

Kippo tries to empower users to show off their passion. Once a user finds a match, he or she can directly message or chat within the app. However, it provides a limited range of profiles and messages. But with a little payment of $10, you can remove all these restrictions.

Key features of Kippo

  • Online game
  • Profile match
  • Better profile customization ability


8. Once

Once is among the top free online dating apps for Android and iOS users. It focuses on letting individuals meet just one person at a time. Once, as the name sounds, pairs you up with one possible right match partner in a day.

And you only get 24 hours to make a connection. After this, the connection will disappear. Once an app has a certain algorithm for profile matching which is based on users’ part behavior and profile details

Key features of Once

  • Good profile matching
  • One potential partner a day
  • Chatting option


9. SwoonMe

SwoonMe stands out differently from other free online dating apps. It offers a creative way to meet someone or find a more serious relationship. SwoonMe allows users to create their profiles in the form of avatars. It allows users to create a cartoon or avatar version. 

Users can also add short audio clips. In the SwoonMe app, users can further communicate via voice messages. However, users can share their true pictures of couples who find themselves resonating with each other.

Key features of SwoonMe

  • Create cartoon and avatar versions
  • In-app voice messaging
  • Find serious relationship


10. Happn

Happn is a good free online dating app for those who look for the right matching partner. It provides location-based dating services.

Happn displays the profiles of other Happn users who have crossed the paths or routes which you have passed. It shows location-based profiles and allows users to connect. 

Key features of Happn

  • Location-based profile matching
  • See the profile you like
  • Send messages


To Conclude

There are many free online dating apps available for Android and iOS that you can choose for finding the right match. All these apps provide unique and attractive features.

However, these free online dating apps work best when you are looking for minimal usage. But if you want more accessibility to find dating partners, you can also go with premium features.

Erma Winter is a app analyst at MobileCoderz-a premier android app development company that provides user-centric app development services to all types of businesses. She holds immense knowledge and experience in app technology. She guides app founders and business people with guided mobile app concepts. Aside from her app life, She likes to read sci-fi novels and share thoughts on important IT subjects.

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