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How to use ad exchange in the google ad manager?

Google ad exchange, popularly known as Google AdX, is an advertisement exchange program facilitated by Google.

A platform particularly curated to help both publishers and media companies, Google AdX is an astounding initiative by Google that cornerstones on attracting a large number of sellers and buyers making the ad exchange the largest in both size and revenue.

A pool of impressions is offered to buyers from different platforms to integrate access to Google’s ad server.

There exists no peculiar eligibility for an interested authority or individual to get into Google Ad Exchange, anyone following the given pointers can enter the space.

  • A published site that complies with AdSense.
  • A high percentage of non-text ads
  • Does the advertiser have apps large enough to conduct big brands?
  • How easy is the site navigation?

How can you sign up for a Google AdX account?

  • Just by reaching the official site of Google, advertisers can sign up for a Google AdX account. They will be allotted an account manager who will assist in complying with the eligibility criteria and following all the industry’s predetermined standards. Once all the regulations and conditions are met by the advertiser, the account is set up and you can start working on monetizing the application.
  • A publisher can associate themselves as exclusive member of the Google AdX network through third-party partnering. These third-party authorizers will help get invitation access from Google itself. The informed developers charge a sum of money in return for granting access to the ad network.
  • Another technique for getting started with Google AdX is known as header bidding. It is an advanced program that allows the publisher to access different ad exchange networks instead of conducting themselves without a pretense of biasedness. The highest bidding member will grant you access to the servers with the hope of higher CPM.

What role does Google AdX play?

Google AdX, in integration with the Google Ad Manager, has served a crucial yet comprehensive role as a prerequisite for using Google AdX.

Let’s have a look at how it tends to make our jobs easier by performing several functions.

  • Ads on the applications are managed by Google AdX in response to the exhibition of saving ad space.
  • Setting and finalizing explicit deals related to the inventory and managing revenue tracking
  • The ads are intricately segregated into different categories with the help of Google AdX
  • According to various pricing strategies the ads are precisely controlled through an autonomous approach, independent of a force driven by any of the authorities.
  • The slots where the ads will be displayed are always decided by Google AdX keeping in view the prospective programs incorporated alongside.
  • The Google AdX is responsible for managing the progress of ads displayed on the network

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, the brand needs to be versed with the following checks and balances. To follow the protocol for eligibility, the site needs to be free from:

  • Health-related information and understanding of diseases and their diagnosis.
  • Even a minute hint of religion-based origins is exposed on the website.
  • Unbefitting content for people below the age of 18 years.
  • Any information or statement that might provoke the use of weapons and ammunition is strictly prohibited.
  • Content shall not be written in non-supported languages like Greek, Indonesian, and others.

Is there any difference between Google AdX and Google Ad Manager?

Even though the style of their functioning is almost similar, the responsibilities of Google AdX and google ad manager vary in nature.

Google Ad Manager is responsible for enabling the advertisers and prospective publishers to serve and set the revenue tracking and helps set up ads.

Google AdX is just an element of the ad manager that unifies and integrates the products launched by the parent branch. It acts as a marketing tool that is useful for advertising and translating demand into higher revenues for the generation of maximum profits.

What are the benefits of using Google AdX?

Google AdX is experiencing higher demand in operations than any of its contemporaries due to its professional approach toward customer satisfaction and logistical analysis. Let’s see what are the benefits of using Google AdX.

  • Control – Google AdX controls the dynamics of the ad from choosing what ads to display and where the ads will be placed on the site. Nobody else gets to have a say in the decision-making capability of the ad control as it is solely done by Google AdX.
  • Price flooring – In the defined platform of managing things such as control of inventory, the advertisers are allowed to maintain a level of the price according to their wishes and will. If they want, each ad on the same site can even have different prices according to the type of advertisement.
  • Direct dealing – Any possibility of middleman dealing is eliminated by Google AdX so that direct dealing can be achieved by the publishers. Such a type of dealing is preferred as this way, a higher CPM can be generated.
  • Transparent or anonymous branding – If the advertisers don’t want to establish their identity in front of the buyer, they can use a semi-transparent medium to allocate their advertisements so that their true form is hidden from the network viewers.
  • Specific targeting – using Google AdX, advertisers choose the specific segments they might want to target from the advertisement strategy.

At the current moment, millions of websites are interested in partnering with advertisers for an advertisement spree.

Authorized buyers are inclined towards the Google AdX program as it is trusted and reliable for restoring inventory and managing developers’ interests at the same time.

Working to create a plethora of real-time ad networks that paces around the internet at an unmatchable standard, Google AdX has become a unique segmented platform for budgeting and frequent defining of proprietary data.

Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav
I'm Akash Yadav, an experienced Digital Marketer, and Strategist, been in the IT Industry for the last 5+ Years. Currently working with AppBroda Tech - a mobile advertising platform that helps app publishers and developers reap and optimize ad revenue. Skilled in constructing a Digital Strategy, Growth Hacking, etc.

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