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How is Explainer Video Helpful in Online Tutoring?

Explainer videos have been widely accepted in recent times, and not only in advertising, business, and marketing. It has also become ever more useful in the classroom.

What is an explainer video, is the next obvious question?

An explainer video is a small video that describes a concept in a way that is easily understood. 

There are various tutorials on eLearning websites, Youtube and other platforms. Nowadays it is easier for students to learn new things and adopt concepts.

During the pandemic, various teachers who were not aware of the latest technology and online teaching used to jump or skip a few chapters. Not anymore with explainer videos!

So why are explainer videos perfect for eLearning?

How is an explainer video helpful in online tutoring?

Explainer videos make it simple for learners to interact and connect with the course content in a purposeful way. It offers online learners with fine-tuned scripts and attractive visuals to make the learning process fun.

Let us discuss some points why explainer videos are a must for online tutoring:

1- They grab the attention

No method can grab a learner’s attention better than explainer videos. The animations typically used in an explainer video have the ability to catch more eyes from the first few minutes.

What makes it more captivating is that explainer videos hold and catch learner’s attention throughout the lesson.

2- They encourage information retention

More than 90% of data sent to the brain is visual. Visually attractive videos allow to remember even the most difficult information.

The narrative-driven tale, shared with attractive animated characters, make all the information easy to remember and retain.

3- They improve task proficiency

Explainer video offers cues by emphasizing the key ideas. 

The graphics appear in time with the audio, this helps advance students’ learning. And as explainer videos make it simple for viewers to recall information, it helps them perform and learn better.

For example a usual 30 minutes task can be finished in 20 since the critical point of the subject has been emphasized.

4- They simplify complex data

Explainer video simplifies data into minor bits and explains abstract information using visuals.

It can exemplify any scenes and build the environment in a way that crew and real cameras cannot. In this case, it can flawlessly explain complex topics, from pure technology to science.

5- Best for introducing new concepts

Introducing new concepts can be difficult, especially if you have novice learners who are new to the subject or recently started online courses. This is when explainer videos save you!

Informative, concise scripts are vital in explainer videos. It makes the explanation consumable, making it perfect for presenting new concepts to early learners.

6- They promote creative storytelling

Explainer videos can seamlessly convey stories. No matter the student’s age, storytelling has always been an artistic form of effective communication to make data handy.

Incorporating explainer videos into your eLearning courses means you provide powerful, effective medium for learners of all ages- from grown adults, children to young adults.

7- Adaptable to change

Subjects for learning are dynamics. Time and again, information is getting reformed, which means you need to improve your lessons. And when it comes to changes, explainer videos come to the rescue. It can make the updates or revisions effortlessly.

You can combine data with a lesson, remove older information, or add new information directly at affordable prices. Therefore there is no need to recreate the whole video that will be time-consuming.

8- Cost-effective

With explainer videos, you don’t need to use expensive cameras or employ a studio to create high-quality video for your courses. There are various tools that help you create a video at no cost.

It requires minimal time to produce an explainer video and they will be ready when you need them.

Nowadays companies are making use of explainer videos to share offers, deliver their message, explain the benefits of their service, pitch to their investors, and much more!

Let us look at some of the top education video examples to understand how companies can impact the education sector with their unique products and services.

Top educational video examples

  1. Google: Google for education can support students, researchers, organizations and teachers with the help of collaborative tools of G Suite for education.
  1. Adobe: The Adobe Education Exchange is an unrestricted learning community and platform, designed for educators, to encourage creativity in the classroom.

Some other examples are Activate ED, Codio, Ellevation, Oxbridge, New Vision for Education, etc.

Impressed with explainer videos, but wondering where to get the best services from?

Acadecraft is a leading explainer video providing company. Their explainer video creators work with professional subject matter experts to confirm that the explainer videos have accurate content to meet the client’s requirements.

Their services include live streaming social media explainer videos, live action explainer videos, whiteboard explainer video and animated explainer video.

Wrapping up

Explainer videos can be a potent learning experience for students. Record a clip and use it to grow your student’s vocabulary, listening or speaking skills.

Your videos don’t have to be impeccably crafted, the most essential thing is to have a perfect vision of what you want to express using the digital whiteboard.

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